Air Base K-8 Center for International Education is located in Homestead, Florida.  This hidden treasure has an ethnically diverse faculty which reflects the international student population, from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.  As a National Magnet School of Merit, the objectives include educating the total child through rigorous academics, interdisciplinary research, authentic  assessment of international themes, world language immersion, and appreciation of cultural diversity while developing habits of life-long learning.  



Air Base K-8 (ABK-8) is a leader as an International Education Magnet Program.  Our mission is integrating academic rigor with cultural competency, intensive language immersion, and globally responsive ecological studies. 



Air Base K-8 provides a relevant, data-driven curriculum which fortifies the investment in cultural sensitivity, character education, and eco-literacy.  The primary goal of our challenging academic magnet program is for students to become bilingual (listeners and speakers) and bi-literate (readers and writers).  Our primary objective is to deliver a fully integrated international program; one that facilitates innovative curricular design.  The Common Core alignment with global magnet themes strengthens the valuation of universal exchanges thus promoting reflective learners empowered with skilsl to engage in 21st Century.