THE 2020-2021 PTA BOARD


Anna Cherington , President                              

Crystal Lozano, Vice-President

Chrisanne Fordik,Treasurer                                                    

Jennifer Reyes, Secretary

Krystal Breitenstein, Vice-President of Fundraising

Carolina Molina, Fundraising Coordinator

Ella Padula, Fundraising Coordinator

Ana Maria Perez, Fundraising Coordinator

Wafaa Lalej, Vice-President of Hospitality

Bianca Soriano, Vice-President of Membership

Bianca Cruz, Membership Coordinator

Cindy Garcia, Volunteer Coordinator

Aydee Palomino, Volunteer Coordinator

Vanessa Fulton, Volunteer Coordinator

Kerry Zatroch, Social Media Coordinator

Janie Gasca, Community Partner

The cost of membership is $8.00 for one person and $15.00 for two. A portion, $2.25 goes to the National PTA which invests more than $1.4 million—41% of its budget—in recruiting, training and supporting our state and local leaders to ensure PTAs remain strong and relevant to their members. The National PTA also supports federal legislation that benefits all children and speaks on issues of critical importance impacting the education, health and welfare of all children.


$1.25 goes to the Florida PTA which advocates for public education and the safety and constitutional rights of all Florida’s children.


$4.50 goes to Air Base K-8 PTA to cover insurance costs, County PTA dues, membership drives and operating costs.

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