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The Ronald M. Nikerson Library Media Center’s mission is to support students, teachers, and parents in their academic, professional, and personal needs. Through collaboration and integration of information literacy skills, students will be able to function successfully in the 21- century information society. The library media center promotes reading and provides an educational environment that encourages, inspires and stimulates interests. Ultimately students will appreciate literature, enhance cultural arts, comprehend critical thinking skills, and to embrace the cambridge learner attributes.



Air Base K8 Center functions on a flexible schedule basis as well as set schedule.

* Prekindergarten classes visit the media center on Friday’s for story time.

* Kindergarten and first grade classes are part of the fine arts wheel and also visit on a weekly basis.

* Grades 2-5 teachers have the option of signing up for weekly visits on the master schedule.

   or have the choice to send small groups during the ELA rotations.

* Grades 6-8 visit on an as needed basis.

* Parents are welcome to open a library account. Please visit the main office and sign in through the Raptor system before visiting the library.

Meet our

Media Specialist



7:45-8:20 Early Bird program

* During our early bird program students in grades K-2 are escorted to the media center by our

  “AR buddy” volunteers who assist students in taking AR quizzes, returning books,

   and checking out books.

* Students in grades 3-5 must obtain a library pass from Coach on the PE courts to visit the

   library during early bird hours.

* Students in grades 6-8 are welcome to visit to checkout or take care of last minute printing


* The media center is open daily from 8:35 to 3:30.

* On Wednesdays the media center is closed after school due to faculty meeting and

   professional development sessions.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading program that encourages children to read a book or have it read to him/her.  Students are then able to take a computerized quiz at school which will assess their comprehension of the book.  The child will immediately receive a score.  By answering 60% or more of the questions correctly, your child will receive points based on the length of the book and its reading level.  

A library is NOT a luxury but one of the necessities of life.                                 - Henry Ward Beecher

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