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Cafeteria Information

Cafeteria Manager : Leticia Garcia

Telephone: 305-258-3676, extension 2119

Become a School Volunteer

Our school volunteers are very important to us.  Air Base K-8 is a school with many events and with the assistance of our volunteers they are always a success.  


If you'd like to become a school volunteer you may register through your parent portal or visit the Magnet office to complete an application. You will receive a volunteer badge that must be worn when you are volunteering. 


You will also be asked to sign in and out using our Volunteer log.  All volunteered hours count! 


Please keep in mind that all volunteers must register every school year.  Every year you will receive a different colored badge.   If the first badge issued is lost or misplaced, you may be asked to pay a fee for the replacement badge. 


Thank you for your support and dedication to Air Base K-8 Center; volunteers are greatly appreciated! 


For further information, please visit the Magnet office.