Dress Code

It is important for students to follow the dress code. Therefore, a mandatory uniform policy has been established at Air Base K-8 Center.  


School uniforms are required at Air Base K-8. For Upper Academy students tops may be royal blue or gray with the school logo. ALL students may wear black or khaki bottoms. Please note that all pants and shorts MUST have pockets and a zipper (NO leggings, sweat pants, joggers, etc.). Black jeans are allowed (NO ripped jeans). 


We highly recommend you purchase a Special Events Shirt. This white button-down, long sleeve oxford shirt with our logo should be worn when attending a special event at the school or a field trip which may require proper and/or professional attire. 


The uniform should be neat, clean and worn the way it was designed. For the health and safety of all students, shoes and socks are required. Shoes must be appropriate for use during Physical Education classes. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Students who wear inappropriate attire to school will be asked to call home and request appropriate clothing from parents.  

Special Events Shirt

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